Pediatric Cancer

Pediatric cancer is cancer that affects children and adolescents between the ages of infancy and late adolescence. Although pediatric cancer is uncommon, it can be very difficult for families and young patients.
In some circumstances, surgery may be done to remove the cancer-affected area of the body. Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation is used to shrink or destroy cancer cells. It can be used as a main therapy or as a follow-up after surgery. Chemotherapy is the primary treatment for pediatric cancer and involves the use of medicines to destroy cancer cells. It can be administered orally or intravenously, and it can be combined with other therapies. Stem cell transplantation, this surgery replaces damaged or destroyed stem cells with healthy ones and is sometimes done after high-dose chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Targeted therapy is used as well, it focuses on specific genes or proteins in cancer cells that are responsible for their development and survival.
During the therapy process, it is also critical for families to find support, both for the kid and themselves.

Benefits list:

  • Significant savings over local treatments
  • Significant savings over treatments in your local region
  • The entire package includes travel planning as well as post-treatment support
  • Treatment waiting lists are diminished
  • Up-to-date therapies and technology
  • Minimal inconvenience and a speedy recovery
  • High success rate


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